Wood family earn black belts

Stuart, Rebecca and Matthew Wood from Loughborough were all awarded their black belts after a grading by sensei Shinji Akita, head of the Shotokan Karate Association. The three have trained with LELA Shotokan Karate club, under the instruction of Terry Corbett for the past five-and-a-half years.

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Martial arts schools ‘a training ground for life’

In the parking lot after watching her cousin test for his orange belt in karate, five year old Hannah Dahl took off her shoes and tied them together by the shoestrings. Then she started swinging them around like a pair of nunchucks.

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Someone made a Draymond Green ‘Karate Basketball’ video game

The Warriors star is profiled in a game originally called: “Draymond Green's Shut Up And Slam Jam Karate Basketball.” “Due to a scheduling error, the local rec center has been double booked for a charity basketball event and a karate championship! Luckily basketballers these days have the moves to please EVERYONE in attendance,” the developer's website says.

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Throwing pounches at me, my karate skills rescued me, I flogged them – GM

Mr John Idumange, the General Manager, Radio Bayelsa “Glory FM”, on Friday confirmed that he flogged four union leaders of the station in self-defence. Idumange told newsmen on Friday in Yenagoa that the incident happened on Monday after the unions shut down the FM station operated by the state government.

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For high schoolers, rapper karate champ is cool teacher

Calm, cool and confident, Shawnee Mission East High School teacher David Muhammad is among the most skilled martial artists in the world and the No.1 seed on this year's U.S. Karate team. But Muhammad, 32, knows he has a lot more going for him when it comes to connecting with high schoolers today.

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