(Feature)Italian athletes cultivate their passion for Chinese martial arts

Simone Mangiante, 24, was in his training course at the “Center for the studies of Oriental Cultures” gymnasium when he told his experience about Chinese martial arts. He won a gold medal in the 6th World Traditional Martial Arts Championship in Chizhou of China, 2014, among many competition titles.

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Tai Chi day in Murfreesboro teaches visitors fundamental techniques

Aspiring students and intrigued visitors were taught the fundamentals of Tai Chi by several instructors during Murfreesboro's 7th annual World Qi Gong and Tai Chi day at Oaklands Mansion. Event organizer, Bret Hawkins, along with several of his student-instructors demonstrated a few of the many forms and styles of Tai Chi to an audience of event attendees.

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Subjective perceived impact of Tai Chi training on physical and…

Evidence from quantitative studies suggest that Tai Chi produces a variety of health-related benefits, but few qualitative studies have investigated how older adults perceive the benefit of Tai Chi. The objective of the current study was to qualitatively evaluate the perceived benefits of Tai Chi practice among community older population.

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Round About

Thursdays through May 18. Introduction to Tai Chi from 11:15 a.m.-12:15 p.m. The slow gentle movements of Tai Chi Chuan reduce stress and improve strength, stamina and balance. Register at http://ift.tt/2lYkZpb ! Location: UCA Downtown Thursdays through May 18. Tai Chi 2 from 10-11 a.m. This class is open to all students with previous experience who would like to review the form.

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